Wednesday, February 24, 2010

George of the Jungle

Howdy Ho Neighbor! These days I am part of the jungle. So far within the last 2 1/2 weeks I have moved rock 4x, shoveled mud, hauled muck and sprayed more poop on myself than I would have ever wished. I have even had my hair pulled. I've had kids pull my hair more than I can count but dang- monkeys can pull super hard! I get to see tapirs everyday and found out that they have slow heartbeats. I also found out that gibbons really do feel as soft as they look!! Next week I am with the penguins!! : ) Back to the aquarium yay!! That's pretty much the story from the jungle. I have a LOT to learn yet!! hopefully they will teach me just what I'm looking for... even though I don't even quite know what that is. haha
Otherwise, I did finally get paying jobs... 2 even!! Been working out everyday and trying to focus on my career path. Yikes! Hope everything works out!
'til next time....

Friday, February 5, 2010


Hi :P
What a week! It's always awesome when your hardwork pays off... and you get to DIVE in the Amazon exhibit!!! I'll admit I was nervous. I am sure you be too if you knew that a sting from the stingrays in there could kill you. We went in there to capture guppies. Gave them to the Desert Dome for the animals there. The huge Pacu stayed to the other side of the exhibit with the other fish once they knew that we were in there. The monkeys pooped a couple of times it was like precipitation haha The exhibit is water on the bottom with trees and branches and lots of vines around for the monkeys to hangout on. We gave them jello today that I made here at the intern house last night. The monkeys loved the strawberry jello! :) The only problem is that I ended up scrubbing it off of everything later on lol but it was worth it! I have truly learned SO much!! I won't forget this place :) I begin in the Jungle monday. It'll be an Adventure.... monkeys, fish, reptiles, and a cat! well 'til next time

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Already February

Hey Team :)
I'm sorry about the time in between posts. I'll work on getting better Kels ;) So it's the night of Tuesday, the 2nd of February, already. I am currently almost halfway done with my last week in Aquarium Fish. Sad!! I have learned so much about how things are set-up and why. I learned how a protein skimmer works- genius and smells horrid haha I can take water measurements on my own. The other day I was trying to get lettuce out of an exhibit for Teddy, the Turtle, so I could give him new lettuce. When I was having some difficulty getting the weight and lettuce out of the water, he swam over to me and was looking between me and the lettuce/weight like "Hello? What is the problem here?" hahaha It made me laugh. I'm kind of attached to that turtle :) Not that I mind haha Today I thought one of the squirrel monkeys was going to try to escape, but I told her " uh no. you aren't " lol I told her maybe she should jump back on the tree and she did haha!! She listens well. I'm trying to think of a name for her though, instead of Thing 1 (best I could do without a real name lol). I LOVE enrichment!! Being on the fish side and realizing how much harder it is to enrich a fish, I realize how much I miss enriching the dolphins. But we are working on some enrichment for the monkeys.... ;) Hope it works!!! Next week I'm in the Jungle. The jungle has primates, arapiama (an amazonian fish), hippos, tapirs, and a clouded leopard!! And so much more! I love my marine life though. Only one more scuba class til I am set until the spring when I need to get my open water dive done-- Can't wait!!!!! Still looking for a second job.... Talk to you soon,