Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 2012

Hey Everybody, Sorry it's been so long. Last time I wrote I was about to meet all the staff here at the zoo... Well it has been 3 months. I think I will feel like the new person for a long, long time. I'm learning a lot all of the time. It's mostly about how things are ran here. I can definitely tell that the animals are getting used to me. The zebras usually were very stand-offish while I fed them, but now they approach their feeders before I'm out of their stall. I've had to get used to going in with the bongos. Now we are friends. The giraffes are a hoot. I get slapped in the head almost everyday by Chioke, the male giraffe. They're really fun, and I enjoy seeing them. The supervisor and I chatted on Monday. I am the main Cheetah person for sure. They are really fun, and I am hoping to get training them soon. There are 3 cheetahs: Kimbaya, Ellis, and Crybaby. We have had some babies at the zoo this season. There are 2 baby sheep ( whatever they're called lol), 2 baby goats, 2 red panda babies, and a mini horse (Tango). We did have a crane's nest of the African Crowned Cranes... but a giraffe stepped on it :/ maybe they will have another clutch again since it's early in the summer. Other than that, I am working on getting to know everyone. One of the keepers says I may be taking her place as the funny one in the group... haha!! I'm just more free-wheeling with my dorkiness. HAHA Sioux Falls is still treating me well. I got lost 3 times today, but those are 3 more adventures I got to have. :) It was 99 today, and my day off to stay in A/C. Until a friend from college came to visit, and she dragged me to the zoo. Haha Since I last blogged, I moved in with Nate. We moved into a house in a quiet neighborhood. It's 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath and has a deck and washer/dryer and dishwasher! It's coming together. It needs a lot of landscaping to be done, but it'll get there. My parents have already came to visit twice, and Vinnie got to come along once too. They surprised me at the zoo one day. It was an amazing surprise! Besides the house, we got a PUPPY!! His name is Marty. He is a lab mix. The mom was a lab, and the dad was a stray. He is almost 5 months old, so we have had him almost 3 months. As of last night, he graduated puppy kindegarten! We are so proud :D Well that's all I really have for today, But I promise I will ttys, Nessa