Monday, April 12, 2010

Dome time

hey everyone,
Sorry again. Things are incne with 3 jobs!! 82 hours a week gets to be a bit much. So after I left the Jungle I went to the much anticipated penguins. they were so amazing!!! I sure did like Macaroni, the lone macaroni penguin and Casanova, a rockhopper. I felt loved by them :) Scrubbing poop wasn't even that bad! We did that for 2 1/2 hours a day with thin overalls on. I have plenty of scars from them but they were worth it!!! I have on on my forearm from Brain, a gentoo penguin. One day he popped out of the water at me 2x going for my poop scrubbing brushes. And the 3rd time he came up we came from behind. He bit me then went right back the water- stinker!! lol But when he popped back up, into the hallway he went til we were done. It hurts a little when you get bitten. but I got used to it :)
Now I'm in the Desert Dome. The kookaburra and the aardvarks are my favorite ones so far. At the dome, they have mostly desert animals. Then in the basement is the Kingdoms of the Night, which has all nocturnal animals. It's way cool. I love feeding the beavers. Except today I was too slow getting over the fence and I thought Torpedo was going to go for my shoe lol scary though really. she's huge! The bats are the only part that I absolutely dislike. But I am getting over my fear of the , I don't really have a choice lol My goal is to go into the Swamp bat exhibit that has 1000 bats in it = terrifying!!!!!!!!! Anyways, I am the only intern there now. I scrub a lot but it makes the time go by faster. Today at lunch we played softball and I am the newest member of the team! As a sub, but I still feel very priviledged.
well til next time...
miss you all