Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Here I Come!

Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday season! My new years was a lot of fun with getting to see my friends from home. I'm so happy that we are all still close friends. The best part was that we all hung out playing games, drinking and just talking. Just being us! But what kind of a finish to the year would it be without a major change in my life? 2012 definitely had its downs while definitely had its ups. The ups included: moving out of Minot, ND, Meeting Nate, Moving to Sioux Falls, SD, and getting a job at the zoo here in Sioux Falls(!!)just to name a few. Like I mentioned, there were definitely some downs too... such as my first permanent zoo position being washed away in a flood. But without the downs, I guess we cannot appreciate the ups fully. 2013 is a new start and I hope it has many more ups than downs for once! But to update you on the ending of 2012... October was good with Nate's birthday and housewarming party. It was a blast! Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. I got to go home and enjoy being with my parents. Christmas was good. I got to see my parents, brother and Vinnie. I had to work the morning of Christmas, but right after, I headed home. My parents gave me a whole new look to my bedroom with a pillow and shams and a new quilt. Vinnie is getting so big! He is talking up a storm and full of personality!! 2012 was also full of personal changes. It took so much of my courage, but I began playing soccer and basketball. I have experienced myself getting better and better, so it's very rewarding! I have joined a dance center. I am hip hop dancing there and go to zumba there. Oh and as if that isn't enough, I began swimming weekly. I have a swimming instructor, Jill, who is helping me become a better swimmer! My goal is to be able to pass swim tests. I've learned a lot about my kicking and endurance. I also learned that even after a year, I can still dive.. boo ya! lol I can honestly say that I am proud of myself for becoming so active. I have lost about 23 pounds this year and hope to lose a few more! On another note... Unfortunately, Marty and I moved into an apartment. He is adjusting well, and this is definitely the nicest apartment I've lived in yet! Trying to look on the bright side. I'm hoping to make it to North Dakota this February. I'm so grateful to be so close to home and many of my friends! I am always so grateful for all of my friends! Where would I be without all of you? So all in all, I'm ready for 2013. Here's to an awesome new year. I'm afraid to make resolutions cause I have so many goals already!! haha Go figure right? Missing all of my friends and family, Nessa