Monday, April 18, 2011

Crazy, Boring Times

Well it's me again... I'm still here in Minot. Well as far as the zoo goes, I am fully trained in my "area" of the zoo. I am now equiped to care for the zoo's collections of reptiles and birds. On a daily basis, I am bit, struck at, and have a ground hornbill fly at my head, which I've learned to use a bucket as a shield and to cover my face. The joke at Space Aliens, which I work a few nights a week at, is to ask if I got bit by anything that day HAHA The best one I had was that I got bit in the palm by a toucan! I was trying to put Maia's toy in her bucket again lol She wasn't a fan of me in her pen ha. But being there isn't always painful, I have a lot of rewarding moments too. This is Squirt. His mate is Jeanne, and he is a handsome African black-footed penguin!

Being here is okay so far, but I do miss home very much so. Vinnie is going to be crawling very, very soon. Hearing about it isn't the same as seeing him do it. He is army crawling these days I hear. Only two weeks and I get to go home. Wish it was tomorrow.
Minot is definately not Fargo. I miss my friends more and more. I am thankful I have one friend here, but trying to make more. It's hard. At least, I am not too far from Fargo. Last weekend, I got to go to Fargo for Ashley's bachelorette party. It was so much fun! I had to miss the actualy party since they had a brunch for her. So instead, I took Ashley, her sister and Kristi to the Bowler and the Gastro Pub. It was a blast! good times :)
Well that's really all I have for today. Call Anytime.