Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Not Minot??

I HAVE A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!
Things have done a 180 once again. In other posts, I've mentioned how things seem to do 180's very quickly in my life, and this isn't any different. My last post I told how I was the newest worker at the daycare until I got hired or until May. Well I got up to Fargo the day before I started again and moved a car load of things into my new residence. The first day I started back at the day care went well. There was a lot to learn, but I was sure I could handle it. When I got off work that first day, I had a voicemail from Roosevelt Park Zoo in Minot, North Dakota, asking me to call them back. They mentioned how they were excited to hear back from me even! So early before my 2nd day of work, I called them back and was offered the position! I had originally applied for the hoofstock keeper position, but they called me about a seasonal bird/reptile keeper position! This is a better suit for me than hoofstock. Seasonal just means in this instance that that is the first position cut if the budget is cut. After "conquering" the birds/reptile area, I'll be a "relief" keeper, helping out in all areas of the zoo. So needless to say, my temp position was very temporary. There wasn't a need to train me in anymore at the daycare since I couldn't stay there more than 2 weeks. So, I stayed a week with Dean to spend time with him and friends. Now I'm home spending time with my family before getting ready to move to Minot. I am still looking for an apartment though. I didn't think finding a place to live would be that difficult, but I didn't know about the oil boom happening in western North Dakota. There's less than .5% vacancy in the whole city. It hasn't really set in that I will be by myself in a new city, where I know exactly 1 person. But this is the right move for me. The best part is that this is PAID and a JOB. I had been applying for nearly a year, gaining experience the whole time. The Audubon sea otter internship was offered to me when I applied for a different internship... look how great that one went!! I figure there's a reason that I was offered these positions. Can't go wrong with experience! I love to learn, and the people I had met were very nice in Minot. This will be good :)
So within days I have gone from visiting to moving to fargo to moving home to get ready to move to minot. LOL I counted and by the time I move to Minot, I will have moved 9 times in about a year.... crazy....
Well off to play with Vinnie, who is sitting in my lap
'Til next time..............