Friday, January 21, 2011


Hey Guys!
It's been a month since I have blogged. What a busy month it has been?! After blogging the last time, I had down time with my family and celebrated Christmas with them. On Christmas Eve, Jesse had Amelia, so we celebrated with him and his family that day. What a day! It was so awesome to see him celebrate with his own family. Amelia is always so loving and excited about life. She LOVED everything she got, especially my gifts (of course :]). Joey liked his too. I got him the Risk game, so him and jesse can play together to bond. And Vinnie was tuckered out with all of his gifts! He got a lot of fun ones! He keeps the teether ring I got him with him all the time. On Christmas day, my parents and I hungout and had our christmas. It was a success I'd say. My big present of the year was an ihome for an ipod. We had to have Christmas dinner a couple days afterwards since my dad had to work x-mas evening. I was very proud of this dinner because I learned to make the tomato roast for the first time. It was delicious, and my mom made the fixings to go with it. mmmmm mmmm good! On the 28th, I flew to Detroit, Michigan to see Dean and his family. My time there went well. I met his mom's entire side of the family. They reminded me some of my dad's side. We had a game night with them all, and that went well. The next day, his mom, sister and aunt took me shopping. They are quite the shoppers! I had fun though. This was also the first time meeting Tressa, Dean's sister. She and I will hopefully get to know each other better. Dean, his family, and I celebrated Christmas also. Dean got me a new ipod nano! It matches the ihome my mom and dad got me! They're both pink! His parents got me a dolphin PillowPet (like what I got Mia hahahaha), a Columbia fleece and an led dolphin keychain. His sister got me pj's. He and I went in on gifts for each other's family, so they had gotten their gifts. I was lame and gave Dean pajama pants, the movie and 2 cds he wanted. Other than those occurances, Dean took me hunting twice (in the same day!) where we froze. We also went ice fishing at night with his friend, Tyler. It was a lot of fun besides things moving in the woods and no luck catching hardly any fish. Gerald, Dean's dad, ended up in the hospital for the last little bit of the day. He wasn't happy about having to be in there. He had gained 15 pounds of fluid in his legs. This was contributed to congestive heart failure plus the start of bronchitis. The poor man had to be there for about 5 days. He got home in time to spend a day with us before Dean and I left for my house. It takes about 8 hours from Dean's to make it here. Dean spent about 3 nights and then took off for F-town. I had two days to make his anniversary gift. I decided for our 1 year anniversary I would make him a small scrapbook. In only a year, we had been to Michigan numerous times, New Orleans, Mississippi, Omaha, the cities and my house a few times. AFter having unfortunate luck (the photo machines closed for the night), I had to wait until Wednesday to make it. I was up until 3:15 am on Thursday morning finishing it. It turned out very cute :) He loved it! I gave it to him once I got to Fargo on the 13th. He gave me flowers, an NDSU monkey, wine and a cute card. We then went out to supper and watched a movie together. It was really low-key. Fargo was enjoyable. I got to see almost everyone I was shooting to see. I even made it to Minot and a very quick stop in Bismarck. I had interviewed with Minot and was invited out to see the zoo. I was very, very impressed! Fingers are crossed! Dean and I got to have lunch with Amy in Bismarck before heading back to Fargo. Once I got back, I met with Connie at the daycare again. Funny how things change so fast for me sometimes... Looks like I will be the temp worker at the daycare until May or until I get a job! Samantha is prego, so I will be replacing her! I am excited to have a job even if it is temporary. This means Dean and I can see how things go living in the same city. I will also get a chance to be in the same city as most of my friends!
Since I am moving back, I get just short of a week to be home. Yesterday I spent with Vincent and giving him lovin'. I love that little boy! Hard to think I will have to be away from him, but at least if I am in Fargo I will be home often. I will miss my whole family. We are very close, but this will be good for me. I think.
Besides all of that, things carry on. I am working on getting applications out and doing follow-ups. Don't really know what will happen. My life is sort of a big, huge question mark. It's a little exciting, a little worrying, and a whole lot of not knowing. I don't know how long I will be in Fargo. I don't know where I will get a zoo job or when. So I will keep trying and keep working towards my goal while enjoying the present!
well until next time.....
p.s. I am about 20 days late in this but... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2011!!!