Monday, January 11, 2010

It's been a week..

Sorry it's been so long. What a week! Wednesday I moved to Omaha in a snowstorm that was the cause of many problems. Today was the first day that I got to park in the driveway of the house. I'm living in the intern house which is very interesting lol There are many things let here from interns past, including a sombrero that has been here for at least 5 years hahaha It's an old house, blue, and I have room #3. It's pink! Right up my alley :) The girls here are wonderful! Alicia and I have been getting to know each other yay! The zoo is huge. wow. I can't wait for it to get warm enough for me to walk around the entire thing!! I have started off in Aquarium Fish and Inverts. The first couple of days were okay. But today was fun. I got to feed the spider monkeys, moon jellies, and the fish of the huge shark reef. I was excited!! I got to take all of the water data for the tanks by myself proudly ;) Also got to give the monkeys raisins. They're cute! Last weekend, Dean and I went to Tana's wedding. She made the most beautiful bride!!!!!!!! Ash and I handed out programs. The reception was a blast. She is currently in Mexico chillin'. Jealous :) Well that's about it for that week. Otherwise, ttys. Miss you guys!!

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