Sunday, May 29, 2011

Why Hello There!

Hola mis amigos,
Where to begin? Not too much has happened since I last blogged. The zoo is still going well. The summer has fully arrived and all of the birds outside besides Zeus, the toucan. Maia, the other toucan, was picking on him, and his body temp was down a bit. He's doing much better now :) The kookaburras weren't going to go outside until we cleared the third section of black and white ruffed lemur exhibit for them. The lemurs have two sections to themselves and connected by a tunnel above the walkway. The kooks have a super awesome laugh that I think everyone should hear. There was a kookaburra in Omaha in the Desert Dome that was always laughing while I cleaned in there everyday. Loved it! The kooks are in the area of the zoo with the bears are there and the primates along with the BIG cats. Most of the sounds of the zoo come from this area of the zoo. The penguins are doing great! Last week, I got to go to a middle school with Squirt, the penguin in the picture in my last blog post. It was very fun! Squirt kept walking towards me, looking like "Dude, these people are staring at me!" lol I can honestly say that was my first presentation I've done smelling like flamingos! Ok so I should say smelling like flamingo poo mixed with the smell of their food. It smells like bad chef boyardee! Yuck! I hold my breath when I have to go in and get their dishes haha
Today I saw that besides having 2 families of canada geese and their gosling that we have a mama Mallard and 12 chicks!! It made me smile and made the day a little better. We found one day about two weeks ago that we had 2 baby crested geckos! So we have lots of babies in our area. It's just a day brightener to see them all :)Jeri, a tortoise of ours, laid eyes the other day. It was very interesting to see her dig her hole before laying her eggs. It seriously took her all morning and most of the afternoon to dig her hole. Without an incubator, the eggs won't hatch since they take 200 days to incubate. That would be winter here-sad.
Besides all the birds being outside, which is awesome, I can fully do giraffes and helped bring the wolves in one evening. That was a scary ordeal! There were two of us keepers trying to bring them in and having a wolf look at you in the eyes is a little creepy. We got them in ok though. OH! And the other day, I got to help walk a reindeer named Rosie! That was very cool. I had no idea that they shed so much. It was her first time out with the public, letting them pet her. She did wonderfully! Other than that, always gaining more responsibility. That's about all for the zoo.
Aliens is going very well. I have been making good tips. Most of all I've had two families talk to the managers to tell them how well I had done :) One family was the other night, on friday. Simple table too! It's always a great feeling to hear that. The mgr just told them to do the phone survey, and he messaged all of the other managers to tell them :) And I got a free butterfinger shake out of the deal haha The other family was right before Easter, the day before to be exact. Being as it was my first holiday here, I was a little sad to not be going home. They were so much fun to wait on! Well they told the mgr too the same thing and told me how it's great to see someone who loves their job. It was the end of the night after a long day. They gave me a $20 tip, and it meant the world. This isn't the most I've made from a table but with such sweet people, it was awesome. Even made me tear up a bit!
Other than Work and WoRk, things are pretty well. I am SO excited to go home on the 11th and to go to Ashley Graham and Jon Ekerholm's wedding on the 12th! Hoping to see Clare in the cities too. Most of all, excited to see the fam!! Amelia drew me pictures and wrote me notes. I'm excited to get those in the mail. It's hard explaining to a 7 yr. old why their aunt isn't always around like she used to be. She's a trooper and boy is she excited when I do get to see her! Last time I was home (for a day and a half in April), I went and picked her up from school. She was so EXCITED! I was equally excited though too ;) That time at home was so much fun. We don't have to do much to have fun. I spent good time with my parents, my brother and his family. Vincent hadn't changed too much thank goodness! He will be walking soon though. I am excited for him but sad I won't be there to see him take his first steps. He's a cutie pie hehe :D My mom is crochetting a beautiful afghan for me. Today she even planted a cutting of my Great Great Grandmother's plant for me to have. How many people can say they have anything from their Great Great Grandma let alone something alive?? I think it's pretty darn awesome :D
Bella is still doing great. Not sure what I'd do without her. I got her this cat toy that has a bird filled with catnip and feathers on it that stands on a spring. On top of it all, the bird chirps. She loves it! haha you'll hear chirping every now and then while she's attacking it. haha I got two new fish, Shary III and Chuck (Dean named him haha). Today, Chuck caught on he had to tap the feeding pole. yay! Training will begin soon then!

Well guys, uffda! That's so much! haha
Until next time....

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