Friday, June 11, 2010


Hola Mis Amigos
So to keep you all updated: life's been a lil crazy lately... as my last entry mentioned, I finished at omaha. After finishing there, I went to Fargo and VERY much so enjoyed my short time there!! I was able to see a whole bunch of people. I just wish that I could of seen everyone. So far at the Minnesota Zoo, it is going very well!! I love watching the dolphins, so this is perfect!!! Still looking for a full-time job so no change on that front. So if you hear of any, let me know! Dean is 10 hours away in the far west North Dakota. At the end of the summer, I will have seen him 3 times over the summer. But as far as everything else, my grandpa is in critical care. So far he has deteriorating kidneys, a shocked lung (breathing with one lung right now), heart damage, swollen from fluid build-up, and an intestinal infection. This is all because of a surgery to fix an artery near the kidneys, where they had to slow them down and then start them up again. If anyone prays, please send them his way. Our family appreciates it!
<3 fingers crossed


  1. Oh Nessa, so sorry to hear about your grandpa! We will be praying for him and your entire family:) Great job for finishing at Omaha! Go Nessa! Good luck with the job hunt - Sure do hope something perfect pops up for you!

  2. Thank you, Bekah!! for all of those wonderful things but most of all that you prayed for my grandpa :) I sure hope something pops up that they'll take me for :/ Miss you!