Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Los Penguinos y Muchos Parajos!

So I made it to Minot and got all settled in. After 12 hours in the car, we made it at about 5:30pm on Thursday, the fourth of March I believe it was. It was a very, very long day. The apartment was... well.. interesting. But after a lot of hard work and creativity, my parents and I made it cute! I have all of my paintings by animals hung up and let's just say you can tell I work at a zoo lol by all of the animal pictures! It's not the largest place, but it's cute. So you all need to come visit! I'd love for some visitors. I have an air mattress ;) Other than that, Friday I filled out paperwork and actually worked half a day that Saturday to get orientated. Now it's been about a month I've been here and hard to believe. My boss left for over a week when I had only a week and a half of "training." I was a little nervous about that time. I was new to the job and now my boss/mentor were leaving. All that worry for nothing, things went beautifully. I was on my own all day during my 7day trek and am 3x quicker at my daily tasks. It is nice to finally have KEYS and respect! As an intern, you never get keys; so this is my next step towards a whistle (marine mammals)! Here at the Roosevelt Park Zoo, I am what they call a Seasonal, which in the Zoo World translates into a zookeeper that works 32 hours a week. Although, another zookeeper came up with calling us "assistants" since we do all of the work of a full-time staffer, but we work one less day a week. Those 32 hours will become into affect once I am done being "trained." I guess that will be within a couple of weeks or so. That will be good and bad. I could always use the money but a 3 day weekend would be nice too. The people here are very kind. I am always learning something and can't wait to train in all the areas of the zoo. I take care of 14 penguins, 6 flamingos, 6 cattle egrets, 2 ducks, 2 West African Crowned Cranes, 2 Trumpeter Hornbills, 1 Pelican (Nigel), 2 kookaburras, 2 toucans, 2 Ground Hornbills, and 3 Amazon Parrots. Those are just the birds and soon I'll be working with the reptiles. I began training with them today. But I suppose better head off to bed. I hope to blog soon again though! I'm sure you're all anxious to hear what a normal day is like ha. ha.
Well as usual, I miss all of you dearly. It's hard being here by myself, but I'm doing my best to make everyone proud.
Well like I said time for bed. tty all soon!

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