Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Been a Summer! Happy 8th Birthday, Mia!

Hey All,
It's been too long. These days it's been crazy, but I'm makin time to let ya know what's up! Well all summer we have kept the zoo animals that we hadn't found temporary homes for up at the warehouse still. No worries, they get the best care imaginable. Unfortunately winter is fast approaching (Gen chem freshman year Dr. Jacobson anyone?? haha). Therefore we need to get the birds out of the warehouse and off to a temporarily new home. The warehouse does have heat, but the birds need to be at a higher temp than the rest of the collection. In the end, we will have mostly North American animals who are used to chilly temps. I have been training Maya, the female toucan, for almost two weeks. She's doing great! I'm so proud of her! She targetted yesterday and today. With a target, you can do anything! I'm excited :)
Unfortunately my only time at the zoo anymore is training Maya, as of last week I had to start at the ice arena. It's extremely hard and depressing not to be with the animals all the time. Some people have told me they know how it feels, but I imagine they don't. The ice arena staff isn't exactly saying, "bienvenidos" and welcoming me in. The two ladies I met are pretty nice compared to two of the guys. Let's just say I would prefer not to hear anymore of "Oh I Broke a Nail, the Day's Over" jokes. Hopefully I'll gain some respect from them soon, or it's gonna be one long ( and I mean loooonnnng winter). Have no fear, I have been keeping my eyes out and applying! Of course it sure would help if the postal service would make sure that it makes it to the right zip code. Oy vey... lol One good thing aobut the ice arena is I get to skate for free and get to meet hockey players haha (they stink SO bad after practice! haha)
Other than work, life's been pretty busy. My parents surprised me for my birthday!! It was seriously the best gift I've ever gotten. The fall weather always makes me homesick, so it was amazing to see them! They drove 11 hours just to surprise me for my birthday and spend the weekend with me!! For the nights, I spent going out with my girls from the zoo and the next night went out with people from Space Aliens, my 2nd job. My parents are amazing and told me to go out because it was planned already. It was a great weekend!
Today is Amelia's birthday! She turned 8 today already. Jeez does it make me feel old! haha I wish I could have been there. The weekend before Mitch and Amy got married, so I had to decide. I will make it home for Mia's birthday next year :) I love that little girl so much! Her and that brother of hers are adorable! Vinnie is walking now and says, "uh-oh." I feel like a mom, I'm so proud. LOL
Yesterday was Minot State University's homecoming (the Beavers?!). They had a Keg and Eggs party at one of the clubs at 8am yesterday. Oh my god was it crazy! I went just to see. Curiousity got the best of me, and my friend invited me to go of course. She had a very drunken day she said lol. I left at noon, and they were all still hitting it hard! Next weekend is NDSU homecoming. These beavers need to see how it's done! haha
Well that's all for today. Perhaps tomorrow (yes tomorrow), I'll be able to write some more.

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