Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sonrie en los tiempos malos y buenos...

Hola mi familia y mis amigos!
Hope you are all well! As always, where has time gone? So much to update you all on, where to begin?! Well first and foremost, the water has receeded! The town is once again dry and has been thoroughly stripped down. The amount of debris that came from the flood area was remarkable and took forever to clean up! Still today you can find random things on the curbs. Things are moving MUCH slower at the zoo than anticipated. From the sounds of it FEMA has been quite difficult to work with. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to help clean up the grassy areas of the zoo yet unlike I was promised. Doesn't look like us, zookeepers, will be helping with the clean up much at all.
Today, Maya, my toucan I have been training, was transported to Delaware. :( I know it's for the best, so she can stay warm this winter. They'll be keeping the North Zoo at around 50 degrees, which is WAY too cold for a toucan who needs it around 70. So she got shipped off to a training facility. I hope they're impressed with her! She targets, is patient for varied reinforcement, and comes when you say "here"!!!! That is HUGE for her and I!! I gave her as many kisses and hugs as I could yesterday. We even took pictures....

It was extremely hard to let this precious bird to leave. Correction: it was so very, very difficult to leave this smart, beautiful bird. I sort of took a deep breath and left. Hope to see her again someday!

Other than that, I am working working at the ice arena now for my main job. I drive the zamboni on my own these days without any difficulties. They trust me with it HA I hardly see the workers that gave me a hard time before, and next week I am gonna have a skating party to actually put working at the arena to a benefit. I can have people skate for free after hours. I just have to zamboni. So next time one of you is in town... ;)
As for Space Aliens, I am soon to become a Team Leader to be on my way to being manager. Too bad I'm not satisfied staying at a restaurant.
I sent out two more applications tonight. Last week, I traveled to Miami, Florida of all places for a swim test with the Miami Seaquarium!!!! The test didn't go so hot. My front stroke wasn't as strong as they wanted. This was embarassing, but I have the experience and now know what to expect. I saved my trip though and had a blast (even though I was by myself). I was more than nervous going to miami on my own, not to mention renting a car, getting the hotel room, finding my way around, and finding places to eat. I had such a good time! Hey, for the 2nd year in a row, I got to wear shorts in October! How amazing! Not to mention, I got to see an ORCA, MANATEES, and use my spanish more than my english :D You guys can't even imagine how excited I was to actually get to use my spanish!! And may I add, I did quite well at it :) Heck, to even check out of the hotel, I had to use my spanish. Such a cute old man :) hehehe All in all, miami didn't go as planned at all. But I'm so happy I went. I proved to myself I could go on a trip by myself completely, and I needed to leave Minot. No matter how bad of a morning I had, I swear when I stepped on the beach the water took my worries away just like the sand at my feet.... It felt good ;) Even made a friend from Cuba! haha His name was Rodrigo. he has my e-mail so we will see if he writes me. lol
NDSU homecoming was an absolute blast. Kristi had her baby shower (which she had her baby on Halloween!!). The Bison stomped all over our opponents, and I got to see my friends again. I am so happy to have gotten to see my friends, who I miss all the time. Wish we could all live together again.

I'm already listening to christmas music. haha I love it! Even have my grinch pajama pants on ;) Good thing Corey likes Christmas music since he is staying at my apt cause of his nose surgery. Poor guy had a deviated septum. I'm in charge of his meds-lmao is that smart? haha just kidding. The guy has to put up with me for a week.
Anyways, I'm so excited for Thanksgiving! 19 days and counting til I go home!! WOOOOT!
Well folks it's super late here, so I will try to write soon.
Call anytime, any of you,

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