Monday, January 2, 2012

2+0+1+2= A Year Not Yet Written

Hope all of you had a great new years holiday and Christmas! Hard to believe it is 2012, but that's also very exciting! Big changes are coming. Change is in the air! I was very lucky in having been able to head home for Thanksgiving and then Christmas, but not before making it to Nate's home to meet his family. Nate is my boyfriend and is from Sioux Falls, SD. I'm sure most of you saw on facebook that him and I are a couple. He is so sweet and amazing that I couldn't be luckier! :) He is 24 also and an engineer. His family is very kind and welcoming. What a relief after being so nervous! lol I spent Dec 22nd-the morn of Dec 24th at his home. Nate made me a tie-big enough for two people, a picture frame of us two, a jewelry box engraved, and a bracelet with both of your sets of initials engraved! He definately surprised me! Then he had a great, perfect date planned during my visit to SF! :)Then he was able to join my family for Christmas evening and the day after. The night after Christmas, both sets of our parents met even, and that went very very well. We were both really happy it went so well. In fact, I enjoyed Sioux Falls so much that after a lot of thought I decided that I will be moving there come the 20th of this month. Living there allows me to be there with my boyfriend, be 3 hours from home, 3 hours from Fargo, and I'm hoping to volunteer at the zoo there. So why not?! I'm very excited and ready to move!! :)
Even with moving, I am still applying and will remain applying. But I'm still waiting to hear from Fort Worth Zoo as to if I got the position or not. I interviewed with them on Dec 1st. So fingers crossed! The zoo here in minot promised that they'd call me when I was able to come back. I hope they keep that promise. But we will see how this year pans out.
While I was home, my grandma unfortunately had a stroke they think. I'm glad I was home, so I could go visit her in the hospital. She was supposed to be sent to the nursing home right after I left for physical therapy.
Besides all of that, not to much happened since last time... well I'll write soon, but it'll be from Sioux Falls, SD!!

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