Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Already February

Hey Team :)
I'm sorry about the time in between posts. I'll work on getting better Kels ;) So it's the night of Tuesday, the 2nd of February, already. I am currently almost halfway done with my last week in Aquarium Fish. Sad!! I have learned so much about how things are set-up and why. I learned how a protein skimmer works- genius and smells horrid haha I can take water measurements on my own. The other day I was trying to get lettuce out of an exhibit for Teddy, the Turtle, so I could give him new lettuce. When I was having some difficulty getting the weight and lettuce out of the water, he swam over to me and was looking between me and the lettuce/weight like "Hello? What is the problem here?" hahaha It made me laugh. I'm kind of attached to that turtle :) Not that I mind haha Today I thought one of the squirrel monkeys was going to try to escape, but I told her " uh no. you aren't " lol I told her maybe she should jump back on the tree and she did haha!! She listens well. I'm trying to think of a name for her though, instead of Thing 1 (best I could do without a real name lol). I LOVE enrichment!! Being on the fish side and realizing how much harder it is to enrich a fish, I realize how much I miss enriching the dolphins. But we are working on some enrichment for the monkeys.... ;) Hope it works!!! Next week I'm in the Jungle. The jungle has primates, arapiama (an amazonian fish), hippos, tapirs, and a clouded leopard!! And so much more! I love my marine life though. Only one more scuba class til I am set until the spring when I need to get my open water dive done-- Can't wait!!!!! Still looking for a second job.... Talk to you soon,

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