Friday, February 5, 2010


Hi :P
What a week! It's always awesome when your hardwork pays off... and you get to DIVE in the Amazon exhibit!!! I'll admit I was nervous. I am sure you be too if you knew that a sting from the stingrays in there could kill you. We went in there to capture guppies. Gave them to the Desert Dome for the animals there. The huge Pacu stayed to the other side of the exhibit with the other fish once they knew that we were in there. The monkeys pooped a couple of times it was like precipitation haha The exhibit is water on the bottom with trees and branches and lots of vines around for the monkeys to hangout on. We gave them jello today that I made here at the intern house last night. The monkeys loved the strawberry jello! :) The only problem is that I ended up scrubbing it off of everything later on lol but it was worth it! I have truly learned SO much!! I won't forget this place :) I begin in the Jungle monday. It'll be an Adventure.... monkeys, fish, reptiles, and a cat! well 'til next time

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