Wednesday, February 24, 2010

George of the Jungle

Howdy Ho Neighbor! These days I am part of the jungle. So far within the last 2 1/2 weeks I have moved rock 4x, shoveled mud, hauled muck and sprayed more poop on myself than I would have ever wished. I have even had my hair pulled. I've had kids pull my hair more than I can count but dang- monkeys can pull super hard! I get to see tapirs everyday and found out that they have slow heartbeats. I also found out that gibbons really do feel as soft as they look!! Next week I am with the penguins!! : ) Back to the aquarium yay!! That's pretty much the story from the jungle. I have a LOT to learn yet!! hopefully they will teach me just what I'm looking for... even though I don't even quite know what that is. haha
Otherwise, I did finally get paying jobs... 2 even!! Been working out everyday and trying to focus on my career path. Yikes! Hope everything works out!
'til next time....

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