Thursday, November 11, 2010

Utterly Otters

Hard to believe it's already November eleventh! Today was a pretty good day, best day yet this week. I'm working on "toy" with Buck and Emma. So far so good. Can't wait for next week when I get to put "basket" with "toy" and they put the toy in the basket! I'm excited :) Buck and Emma make me smile. Emma is sweetheart. She holds her paws up to her mouth almost as if she was "nervous." Buck is so spunky it's admirable. Hard to think they have the bite of a black bear. Today I helped the asst. curator again, and I love helping her since she has a whole new perspective. Still training Muffy, the cockatoo. Today she bit me to see my reaction. it was more of a placing of her beak on my finger and looking at me. She sort of had the "What are ya gonna do?" look haha. So I walked away, but yesterday she stepped up onto my hand! So slow but sure :) Sharky, the goldfish is doing swimmingly :) he's onto the large tunnel since he is fully trained on the hoop and sm. tunnel. It's kind of funny how when I sit in my chair (next to the tank) he's at the corner of the tank staring at me. haha I'd love to take him home. Well I suppose that's all for today. I won in cribbage against Paul. Dean comes to New Orleans in 9 days! Can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with my nieces in the South :D Miss you all! scheduled 10:15:00 PM by veckhoff Delete

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