Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Thanksgiving time!

Hola! Bonjour!
I've been busy since I last blogged. So here we go ;).... the weekend of the 12th was so much fun! I was invited to the wedding reception of a girl who works at the aquarium. She is so nice! I feel really special to be the only intern invited :) She had gotten married in MS a few weeks before. Afterwards, we had a great afterparty!! woot woot! I got to see what the dance clubs here are like. They're smaller but are a blast! The next day, I got to try-out for the Wheel of Fortune (twice) and went to the Po-boy Festival. This festival is all about the sandwiches they have here called Po-boys. Po-boys were originally invented in the French Quarter and sold to the cab drivers (poor boys... hence Po-boys). They are huge sandwiches that these days sell for $4-9 but back in the day sold for 5 cents. They are delicious. Most po-boys are seafood but some are roast beef or pigs cheek etc. I went with Mary, the jellyfish intern, and we tried the garlic-stuffed roast beef, soft-shell crab (yuck!) and pigs cheek. The roast beef was delicious. And we ended it with a made-to-order crepe with strawberries and nutella mmm mmm mmm... This past week was great! Thursday was above all other thursdays as being the best day here EVER. Not only did I get to tour the ACRES (research facility by the Audubon Soc.) AND get to take an ALL DAY BOAT RIDE TO RELEASE TURTLES(!!!!!!)AND I got to meet the Stranding Coordinator BUT I SAW WILD DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was truly a dream come true!!!! Other than that a normal week last week, getting resumes sent out. no word yet. Dean came on Saturday evening. His plane was held up an hour on the runway in Minneapolis, but he finally got here :)We went to the new Harry Potter, which was AMAZING! then Sunday we took it easy. He took me out for breakfast, and then we got groceries. Monday, I took him and we toured the entire French Quarter and showed him the aquarium. He even got to watch me train Buck :) I gave him a tour of the aquarium even though it was closed. Priviledges of working for free hahahahaha I will miss most everyone here.... It's a good and bad feeling. Sad to leave, but I'll be happy to see snow again as weird as it sounds! I think he enjoyed the Quarter. There's so much to see! We got to even take a carriage ride <3 We had a fun tour guide, and the mule's name was Cadillac. Not gonna lie, when she asked if anyone wanted to feed the mule a treat, I was the first to jump at it ;D hehe We even got some shopping done! Tomorrow, he and I head to MS for Thanksgiving! We are gonna take the girls out to the new Tangled movie and then celebrate T-giving with my sis and her fam. And Friday is well... Black. Friday. Shopping oh. boy. We will be in Target at 4 am. wow. I'll let ya know how THAT goes! haha well 'til next time...

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