Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween in New Orleans... WOW

Hola mis amigos!
Not much happened over the weekend. I applied for a job and worked on my resume and cover letter until I was utterly confused and indecisive ha Not my most favorite thing to do but it's one of those "have to" things :) Halloween was a success!! I was a fairy :) More like a gladiator fairy with my band that went around my forehead haha My dress had a glittery bra portion with the same design as the headband and a pink and purple dress. I had figured out my make-up the night before and boy was it big and bold! After Noel and I took like 3 hours to get ready, we were on our way to meet the other aquarium people. Well getting there was quite an adventure!! Let's just sum it up in *small french quarter streets *HUNDREDS of drunk people *Sirens of an ambulance * and us stuck in a small car too close to the ambulance to get the patient in because of the people. So Noel decided to try to pass by the ambulance.... She drives a very tiny car. However, we ended up scraping on the ambulance's bumper and locals offering to lift the car up to straighten us out to drive away. WOW, ONLY IN NEW ORLEANS! HAHA We finally made it to meeting the people and we all walked to Frenchmens Street. that was an adventure in itself! People were EVERYWHERE. John, an aquarist, was dressed up as the 8th dwarf, Tranny dwarf :) Lmao. His mid-section was showing and he was wearing stockings with bows he sewed on himself (he made it known ;]) hahahaha Dee, an aquarist, was dressed as Napoleon Bonepart with a "helping hand...." ha Then john had a couple of friends there dressed as Buffy and Ms. Famous. David, penguin guy, showed up as a pirate wench LMFAO showing everyone his "blue pubes" that was actually a clown wig shoved in fake underwear hahahaha it was by far the best costume haha and his bf was a bullrider. Lindsay, Lifesupport, was the girl from the Jets that was blackmailing Favre. and a couple of people from the Aq. I don't know where emo and 80's girl. Oh and Noel was Snooki. Those were the people I was with, but there were so many people there! THOUSANDS!! At least 2,000 people filling the street! there were flash mobs and raves in the street with a portable club on a cart lol it was amazing. It was pimped up with a fog machine and a torch on top. It had a fire extinguisher at least! haha
We were out til about 1:20 and it was awesome! No worries I was not tipsy lol

The Aquarium went well today. Sharky (goldfish) went through the short tunnel today and Muffy (the cockatoo) didn't try to attack me today lol. Plus, Buck and Emma paid great attention today! So alright, tomorrow's another day. Let's hope it goes well.

Hope all of you are well! Thank you for being such great friends! You all mean so much to me and have stuck by me. You guys are the best!
<3 Nessa

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