Tuesday, December 21, 2010

21.5 hours in the car + 3 people +1 goldfish = a long 2 days

We made it! My mom and Dean made it to town Saturday, Dec 18th. Right after I got home from my last day at the aquarium, they met me at the apartment and off to Mississippi we went! We headed over there to give the girls and Laura their gifts. This wouldn't be so important if I had never seen the girls open their christmas gifts. Mailing christmas gifts just isn't the same. Pait and Kay loved their gifts, so it was completely worth rushing over there :) Well after that, we drove back and packed the car before heading back to the hotel where we repacked the car haha. So happy that part of it is done! The next morning, after packing up Sharky in a bag pumped full of Oxygen and a cooler, I had to say goodbye to everyone at the aquarium. We all stalled... I can't wait to go back and visit :) Then we headed to the Coffee Pot Restaurant in the Quarter. Dean had a crawfish, shrimp, catfish omlette (yuck!) And off we went, "like a herd of turtles in a windstorm" (as Dean says). It took us a total of 21 1/2 hours to get home with a stop for supper and COUNTLESS stops for gas and to use the restroom. We finally made it home at 7:30am Monday morning. My mom and I stayed up and ran to the store to get necessities for Sharky's new tank. He now has an all-equiped aquarium with beautiful, fake plants haha I was so happy he made it in the first place! so after getting the things, we had to set it all up. So pretty much, my mom and I didn't nap until after 1 in the afternoon. Last night, we all went out for my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you! Today, Dean and I finished our Christmas shopping, and he was off to Michigan tonight. I fly out there on the 28th. Should be good! I have to meet the whole family though... nervous about that! haha well as for me the next days include unpacking and applying for jobs! I may miss NOLA but getting to hold my nephew last night made it all worth it :) I am so happy to be with my family and near my friends for the holidays!

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