Wednesday, December 1, 2010

17 days to go?!

17 days to go already. Hard to believe that it's already December! I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss home. With it now being Christmas season and all, I'm looking forward to spending the holidays with my family. Thanksgiving was amazing. If I haven't made it clear yet, I LOVE spending time with my nieces and sister. I can't get enough of it. I wish MN wasn't 20 hours away... Dean came to visit as I had mentioned earlier. So when we went for Thanksgiving, we went the day before and took the girls to Tangled, lunch, the beach and the park :D It was a blast! Paityn (4) asked me the next day if I had had fun. I told her it was the most perfect day :) Thanksgiving was good. Spent it at my sister-in-law's extended family's celebration. It was so nice of them to allow us to eat with them! After we ate, we watched the Saints almost lose (darn! ha). Black Friday... oofta.... my sister dragged me to go shopping at 3 in the AM! The line was so incredibly long for Target!!! We went to Target, Wal-mart, and then the mall. 8 hours of shopping was enough for me haha On the way back to NOLA that day, Dean and I stopped and went to the NASA space center. We toured and got to see rockets and spacesuits. They had fun gizmos to play with. One in particular were the "glove boxes," where you put your hands in these gloves that are attached to the box. While your hands are in the box, you have to build legos and imagine what the astronauts have to do so that things don't float away.
The rest of Dean's visit was very good. He was here for 8 days. We went down to the French Quarter for an entire day, where we took a horse-drawn carriage and got a famous hurricane drink. I made sure he got beignets of course. We went on a riverboat ride also to the battlefield. it was a little chilly that day but the boat was a lot of fun! We also saw Harry P. with a lot of ppl from the aquarium here. We cooked together and went shopping a little bit. We even got daiquiris from a drive thru daiquiri place! We got a 44 ounce daiquiri that was a mixture of 190, hurricane and sex on the beach along with 3 jello shots! They get away with that since they didn't place the straw into the cup haha It's one of those things you gotta do once haha A lot of our time was spent just hanging out. We have never had 8 days in a row to hangout, so it was different. It was nice though.
The Aquarium is still great. I got the last behaviors to do with Emma, so that's great! Buck is still handsome lol And Sharky is learning to play football! hahaha I feel foolish teaching a fish to play football, but why not? ;) Muffy stepped up on my hand 2x in a row on command!! We are making headway except for her nipping at me yesterday haha
Well til next time :)

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