Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mississippi Weekend

Hey Hey!
Well it's another week in the deep south... the weekend went great!! I had the most fun playing with my nieces and seeing my sister and her family. My sister and Holly picked me up on saturday morning and we drove the hour and a half to Ocean Springs, MS (next to Biloxi. I sure love it down there! Everything about it is comforting, could be that I've been down there a lot :)Laura, the girls and I spent the day hanging out, and we even carved pumpkins!!!!! That was something I really wanted to do with the girls. Thanks to dean for mentioning it, it happened! Laura and I got the chance to talk a lot on saturday night, which was very nice to get to do. Sunday was fun. We went to church, watched the saints lose, and I spent the day playing with the girls <3 we played restaurant, house, witches (I was Sleepy Witch), princesses on adventures, and sidewalk chalk! I'm not gonna lie- that was the best day ever. I loved getting to help the girls get something to drink, say goodnight to them etc. Sunday night, Laura, Holly and I went and watched the Vikes almost win and went GHOST HUNTING. hahaha it was a blast! Holly got an app on her htc that allowed us to "radar" for them. Does it work? Idk but we had just got done talking about "Dave" when the next moment the thing said "David." It was way creepy! We went to a graveyard where there are 13 curves in the road going in and 12 going out. Weird? definately! So that was our excitement, and the next day them and Pait brought me back to NOLA.
Yesterday was a good day. I am allowed to do the "hop" behavior with the sea otters, beginning with this week!! This was a big step. It shows that my relationship with them is good enough to ask them to do a behavior, being sure that I will give them reinforcement when they are done.
Today was much of the same. Tonight there was a party for Adopt an Animal. People come, and the aquarists/trainers convince the public to adopt! I looked up jobs, since I technically wasn't working. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. Eventually something will click. Just know it!
Well it's another day tomorrow... oofta.
p.s. good news is we have plans for Halloween!! I'm going to be a fairy, and all of us from the aquarium are going out together :)

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