Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd week

This week has been sort of busy, sort of not. I am working 6 days this week, so halfway through. Monday, not too much happened. Noel and I were the only otter people at the aquarium. We set up some amazing enrichment for Buck and Emma! Noel made a "kelp monster" out of a small garbage can and carwash straps cut into kelp shapes. I put up a black tub and filled it with ice along with making a "cave" out of a garbage can and ice. They had fun! I later put a lady bug pool filled with ice into the upper pool with a hoola hoop attached to it. Emma LOVED it; she managed to stuff the pool and hoop under the deck of the pool it. It was hilarious to watch her do this!! Yesterday, I was able to see the stingray feeds, where children feed them. It was a lot of fun! I watched how Tom and Kristine did them; so now I may do them. Hope they ask me to soon!! It was sort of an off day, but today was better. I got to work with power tools!!! I think I made my dad proud :) I had to connect a broom handle and brush with a screw. I drilled the handle and brush all by myself :) I would have gotten to actually finish screwing them together, but I got offered to sit in with the penguins again!! it was so much fun! I've gotten to sit in there three times now. Other than that, the evenings aren't too exciting during the week. I made corn on the cob for the first time tonight, and it turned out wonderfully. I've just hanging out and getting things done. This weekend we are planning on going on a ghost tour (YAY!!!) and adventuring the french quarter. Looking forward to it! Well til next time...

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