Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tomorrow is Friday

Last weekend was a blast! On Sunday, Noel and I walked around about 2/3 of the french quarter, and it was so much fun! I got to see so many sights. We went into the oldest cathedral still practicing in the US. It is called St. Louis Cathedral, after King Louis XVI. It wasn't as large inside as I anticipated but very beautiful. I also got my cards read on the street by Janessa. She was right on! the good news is that in my future I will have accomplished many projects and looking to the horizon for more. So I'm taking this as, accomplishments career-wise. The French Quarter is the neatest place to walk around!! We went down Bourbon Street and had a daqairi! Bourbon street is crazy even on a sunday! We saw a beautiful square outside of the cathedral across the street from the river. The square is Jackson Square with a huge fountain. It reminds me of Spain. Right across the street from the square we watched a great hip hop crew perform. That night we went to a ghost tour and heard a lot of history and some spooky stories. Did you know? Restaurants here set-up a "ghost table." Each night they put out wine and bread for the ghosts of the building. The one we saw was in Muriel's, a fancy restaurant in the quarter. The table was in the back of what used to be a slave cell, where many perished. The restaurant that occupied the building before them had the cell as the entrance to the place. The visitors complained about stomach aches and pains. Since the Muriel's changed the point in which people enter the place, no one has complained of these pains. :) Then there is a hotel in the quarter, which is rumored to be haunted by children of the Great Fire. A couple spent their honeymoon there. When they got home, there was an extra picture on their film. It was a picture of the couple... sleeping! It had been taken from above. oooohhh ;) There were many stories, but those are a couple of the stories. I'd love to adventure down there more.
As far as work, nothing new. Sharky, the goldfish, went through his hoop all on his own today without bait :) Yay Sharky!! I'm supposed to train Muffy, the cockatoo, also. I'm looking forward to this, but so far she isn't so into it lol The clicker scared her.
Well tomorrow is friday thank god. I'm headed to Mississippi at 7:30 am on Saturday!! I'm excited! I should be putting pictures on facebook soon.... Miss you all

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