Sunday, October 10, 2010

My first NOLA weekend

So not much else happened the rest of the week (7&8), just a whole lot of nailing down what I had been taught. Although, I believe it was the 7th that I was asked if I'd like to sit in with the black-footed and rockhopper penguins!!! I was excited! And I hope Tom (the keeper)asks me agian if I could help out, I loved it :) I love marine mammals, but penguins are fun too :) Except for the biting aspect of it ha ha ha. Oh yes, a funny part of the internship is that I am training a goldfish. I had to look at the supervisor to make sure she was serious. His name is Sharkie, and already last week I had him going through a hoop, literally. LOL He will do great things :) The weekend was good. I was super bored on Saturday, so I cleaned the entire place. At least it's clean right? But then last night, Noel and I found Pat O'Briens in the French Quarter to get a hurricane. WOW they are very large!! and have a ton of rum with some vodka and a little juice (mostly for coloring hahaha! halfway through and I would have been good stopping lol No worries, I got a very large glass of water :) On the way to the car, we stopped at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a smaller one but clean-cut and nice. The ones in Madrid and Paris were larger than this one, but the St. Louis Hard Rock was smaller. The food was delicious! On our way to the bar we saw living statues, people selling art on the street, a tarot card lady, and even street musicians!!! it was culture shock! It was so cool!!! The souvenir shops and gelato shops were open very late, even the Urban Outfitters. I feel I could spend days in the French Quarter just looking at everything!!
Today, Noel and I adventured to the bigger mall here. We found Beignets!!! They were de-li-cious!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Good thing I can't just go across the street and get them. They come in orders of 3 for only $2.14, so super cheap and ooh so good... haha they were square-shaped with mountains of powdered sugar and hot :) I found my new favorite endulgence haha And finally got my smoothie from the Smoothie King. I was craving a smoothie for a week haha Other than that the mall had a cool little train for lil kids to ride for Halloween. It was called the Goblin Express. The Great Pumpkin was there for little kids to get their picture taken. I guess the G.P. grew legs and wears overalls?? Mia drew me a "We Love Nessa" picture and my mom sent me a picture of her sitting by it <3 it made my day! I also got an adorable picture of Vinnie, smiling after he woke up from his nap today. I miss my family and friends DEARLY. And a bonus of today is that THE SAINTS FOOTBALL TEAM LOST TO ARIZONA!!! WOOOOOO
That's all for today... 'Til next time.

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