Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Orleans, Louisiana

Well everyone, I've been in New Orleans as of the 1st! After working all night at the zoo and hanging out with the dolphins, I drove the hour and a half back home to shower and jump in our car for a 20 hour drive down here. We got in at around 6:50am, and I met my roommate, Noel who is super nice. So then we hauled all of my things inside and set it all up. So all moved in and up all day and night, what to do? Go to the aquarium of course! We had lunch and headed over to the aquarium. And of course, with me driving, we got lost haha even with a gps!! well the gps wanted us to take a ferry across the canal to the aquarium. We decided we didn't want to do that, and proceeded to get extremely lost in a bad part of town (yikes!). We finally made it out and to the aquarium. It's a nice place! It's Right along the water and two levels; the only thing is it's downtown which is busy all the time it seems. We went in just in time for the otter talk and saw Buck and Emma. They are 4 1/2 feet long and about 60 lbs. Buck was sleeping just under the water's surface, letting is air bubbles out very slowly haha he was so mischievious! I got to meet the curator and supervisor too. I'm the only otter intern. Sounds like I'll be able to learn so much here and get involved in multiple areas of th aquarium! They have a beautiful tunnel section with many many stingrays that looked like montereys and had specials sections for frogs, sea horses, river life, etc. That was pretty much friday in nutshell.
Yesterday, we traveled over to D'Iberville, Mississippi to have lunch with my sister, Laura, and my nieces, Paityn (4) and Kayleigh (6). The girls have grown so much! They are sweethearts. Kayleigh even asked me to pick her up from school one of these days since she thinks NO is right next door. But to me, an hour and a half is right next door haha! So I really am hoping to be able to do that! Laura seemed very well :) and Pait Pait is very smart and loves to draw. We went to a beach afterwards. Nothing like putting your toes in the sand! At the hotel tonight, the power went out and saw what looked like an explosion outside our window. Flashes of that creepy hotel movie popped in my head haha I guess it was a transformer?
Well that's all for tonight ttys

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  1. p.s. my grandpa is doing wonderfully!!! He's even mowing his own yard :) thank you for all of the prayers! This is a miracle!